Online Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We’re the ones driving traffic to trivago by increasing the visibility of our site on search engines. Monitoring biddings, researching top keywords and creating campaigns in Google AdWords are some of our favourite things to do.

Display, Email, and Affiliate Marketing (DEA)

We’re the ones driving traffic to trivago via online advertising. We get a kick out of creating banners and image-text ads for sites like Facebook, sending emails with relevant trivago newsletters and creating partnerships with publishers who advertise trivago for us.

A nossa equipa

"I love knowing that the changes we make can instantly be seen by search engine users around the world. We get feedback from millions of people every day, allowing us to optimize, and defend our position as one of the biggest SEM players in the travel industry."

Philip Murden

"DEA marketing is a continually evolving field! We have to apply new theories and practices to our online advertising campaigns on a daily basis, which makes my job both challenging and really exciting."

Amelie Saromsky